Dear Dickerson Community, Greetings!


I sincerely hope you’re all healthy and with students enjoying the summer break. Please read this email carefully, as well as the attached DRAFT document. I will continue to communicate with you as I gain additional information or as details change. If you have not read all of CCSD’s plans and information for reopening, please do so ASAP.


I know there’s a lot going on right now and you’re all trying to make the best decision for your student and family in regard to the teaching and learning model for Fall Semester 2020-2021. The attached document is a DRAFT and may include information to help you decide. The document is Dickerson specific for our reopening with face-to-face teaching and learning. This is all new to all of us. We’re working so hard to continue serving all our stakeholders – students, staff, and parents – with safety as our priority. I’m also working to be as transparent and communicate as much as I can. If you need assistance with your ParentVUE account, please email


Currently families have from today to July 22 to choose the face-to-face or the remote learning model. This is a semester-long commitment. If our school or district must close during this first semester, I understand all face-to-face students will shift to a remote learning model and remain in classes with current face-to-face teachers. More details will follow if a school or district closing occurs. At this time, we cannot predict the length of a necessary closing. The specifics for the decision to close a school or the district has not been shared by the district at this time. As stated before, I want to communicate as much as I can and be as transparent as possible.


For the remote option, I want to address some common questions:

  • As much as possible, the district wants to keep remote students from a school with a remote teacher from that same school. It is guaranteed remote learners will have a highly qualified CCSD educator with proper certifications for the student’s course.
  • Remote learners will have the same courses as they would if they were face-to-face, including on-level, AC, and high school courses.
  • If the family of a student with a disability chooses the remote learning model, a student distance learning plan will be developed, based on input from you and relevant district staff members that will address the student’s special education services.
  • Remote students will access teaching and learning via CTLS Learn.
  • Remote learning will use the same standards/curriculum, unit pacing, and have the same rigor as the face-to-face model.


  1. A few students still have not picked up items from lockers. We provided multiple days for pick-up in May. The building will be open Thursday and Friday of this week, July 16/17, from 9 until noon for item pick up. This is the last opportunity for item retrieval. After this week, we will go through the items left and retrieve items we may donate and discard of the rest.
  2. Please know I totally understand these items are difficult to come by, but if each family could try to find one bottle of sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, Lysol spray, and paper towels to donate to the school, that would help us so much.
  3. We have a few yearbooks that were not picked up during our summer pick up days. If this is you, yearbooks are ready for you in our front office beginning Monday, July 27. We have a few yearbooks available to purchase. If interested, email at

I know this is a TON of information, but I hope it’s all very helpful. Again, I’ll be in touch each time I come into new or different information. THANK YOU!



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