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Advocate: To plead in favor of; defend; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly. One who pleads for or on behalf of another.

Register to Vote:  If you are new to Georgia and need to register to vote, the deadline is October 11. You can register online via the  Secretary of State's office, or in person at a Cobb County Library.  


Georgia voters will be asked to make a critical decision in November on an amendment to the state constitution which would allow the state to create a state-run school district (the Opportunity School District or “OSD”).  This district would be overseen by a superintendent appointed by and reporting to the governor. Read the "ABCs of OSD" for more information and learn why Georgia PTA urges you to Vote No on the Constitutional Amendment. 

The language that will appear on the ballot will lead many people to think that this action is needed to allow the state to address an on-going problem in Georgia’s schools:

Shall the constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to improve student performance? 

That sounds great but what the Ballot Question REALLY Means is...

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow an appointee of the Governor to take over local school operations, take possession of buildings, and take control of all federal, state and local funding if a school has low scores on standardized tests or for any other reason a future Legislature and/or Governor may allow?"

Delegates to Georgia PTA's annual convention passed a resolution opposing the proposed legislation in June. We join other education groups in our opposition including the Georgia Federation of Teachers, League of Women Voters, 

Watch the online video to learn more. We will alert our members once the proposed amendment has a ballot number assigned to it. Questions? Ask Irene Barton, Legislative Chair at ibarton@georgiapta.org

PTA’s Rich Tradition of Advocacy Part of the National PTA’s threefold mission is to speak on behalf of all children and youth before governmental bodies and other organizations. For over 100 years, PTA volunteers have used their time, energy, experience and knowledge to bring about changes in laws, policies and programs for the benefit of children. To learn more about PTA’s deep tradition of advocacy, watch a video history of those efforts and the courageous women who spoke on behalf of children. Universal kindergarten, child labor laws, hot lunches, immunizations and standards for family engagement are just a few of the issues that PTA advocates have supported. These efforts continue today. National PTA issues an annual Federal Public Policy Agenda, The 2016 Public Policy Agenda features the following policy areas:

  • Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Special Education
  • Federal Investments in Education
  • Early Learning and Childhood Education
  • Child Health and Safety
  • Gun Safety and Violence Prevention
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • Education Technology and Student Data Privacy
  • Postsecondary Access and Opportunity

Click here to read the Executive Summary or the entire Agenda can be accessed here. National PTA also has webinars for each policy area.

How Can I Become More Involved as an Advocate for My Child and My School? Every PTA member can be an effective advocate.   The process is always the same: identify, research and understand the issue; identify, research and understand the decision-maker; and develop and communicate the message.   The process is not always easy, and dedication and perseverance are usually required.   Sometimes success is achieved quickly, sometimes slowly.

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Note: In order to maintain a nonprofit status under federal rules, Georgia PTA (and all local units under its umbrella) is nonpartisan and works to direct its efforts at members of both political parties in order to enact change. When PTA officers or lobbyists participate in legislative activities that educate lawmakers about officially adopted PTA positions, or support a particular piece of legislation that is in agreement with the PTA Legislative Program, it is done on a strictly nonpartisan basis. Parent Letter - Ebola Protocol 10 17 14